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A continued AU from this thread.

It had been half a year since that strange night. The night where River Song walked back into his life in a whirlwind of emotions he hadn't thought of for a long, long time. The night ended in tangled sheets, skin against skin, and finding out people weren't who he thought were his friends were in fact, not. The case was closed, he watched his friend be taken away in the police cars, and grieving families get their revenge later in court.

As for the Doctor? River seemed to have disappeared as quickly as she appeared, and yet this time he oddly felt it was appropriate. Perhaps that night brought a better understanding between the two of them, or he seemed content being alone for the first time in his life.

Sitting at one of the cafes downtown of a coastal town, taking advantage of the summer's warmth, he watched the waves crash onto shore as he took a sip of the iced coffee. His legs were propped up on the empty seat next to him and he was debating about attending the local festival. Of course there was another case he was working on, but he tended to mix business with pleasure occasionally. He was reminded he become something of a workaholic, but if his investigations lead him else where? He wouldn't complain about that too much. Right now, the people watching was making the two hour trip south completely worth it.

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River Song had disappeared once more, but the P.I. Melody Malone was still a whisper on the lips on criminals and cops alike. Six months ago one of her cases led her to seek the assistance of an old flame, and really her mentor in the ways of investigation. When they met, she wasn't much besides a cigarette girl at Dorium Maldovar's. Witnessing a crime had put her in the path of the most brilliant man she'd ever met, complicated by the fact she was technically married to another at the time.

But the heart wants what it wants, and the two of them had given in to mutual attraction and respect; he noted her ability for observation and reading people, but it was only because of him she'd honed her skills. He was a big part of what she was today. For that she would always be grateful, even if her actions of twice leaving him didn't show it.

There was so much more she'd meant to say to him when she contacted him that night, but it had gotten away from her. She meant to stay in his life longer, part of her wanted things to be just like they used to - but that was impossible. She had her own career which had already brought her to the brink of death once - what if the next time she wasn't so lucky? So again, convincing herself she was doing it for his own good, she disappeared from his life.

She still thought of him often, kept her eye out for his moniker 'The Doctor" in the papers, and wondered if he'd found her missing stocking. Shopping was what had her out and about this sunny day, her first day of officially not-working since she'd moved here two months ago. Unofficially, however? She was doing information-gathering.

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River tsk-tsked at the fashion choice of the woman she was observing. She had lovely features, but the attitude with which she carried herself had an air of poison rather than beauty. Heaven help those that crossed her path. And for those who didn't qualify for Heaven? They had the Angel Detective Agency.

It wasn't much to go on, the story her client had given was circumstantial at best. Melody Malone agreed to at least look into it, which was why she decided to tail the woman in the town and gather intel from those she spoke with. Or those who looked away when the woman in the tight dress wandered by.

She observed a handful of folks at one booth look away just as the woman completed a dead-drop exchange. On one table the woman placed her wallet, and a moment later picked up an identical one left by someone else. As the woman tucked her new wallet close, River debated continuing to follow her or tail the other member of the exchange.

Ultimately, she chose the former; if the woman had just purchased something, she needed to find out what and why. Better to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Bit risky, following her directly, but what was life without a little risk?

But she wasn't alone. Someone else was on her, or the woman's trail. When River ducked inside a tent and slipped out the back, it was to buy time to ready the gun in her purse.

But the shadow who stepped into revealing light was the farthest thing from a threat.

The alarm in her eyes betrayed her surprise, but she managed wry chuckle all the same. "Yes, we really do." She was momentarily distracted from smiling at him by the irritated shop owner. River withdrew her hand from within the purse at her side, offering the man a bit of currency for his troubles. And to stop cursing.

She turned back to smile at the Doctor. "Hello, sweetie. I take it you're not here on vacation."

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"Oh, here and there," she said airily, waving her hand. "But here specifically for a few months. You'd never believe how much action I've found." River hadn't forgotten the direction she'd last seen the woman in, but she couldn't very well go running after her.

"Does this mean you were thinking about me?" Her smile is light, voice teasing. But in her eyes there's a bit of truth-seeking accompanying that question.

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Well, she was supposed to be taking the day off from investigation, wasn't she? And when was the last time she'd really had any leisure time? Probably six months ago with him. The music was upbeat, enough for her to tap her foot as they sat at the picnic table. But she knew any moment the other shoe would drop - he'd ask something about why she'd left, or what she was doing here.

The shoe did drop - but not in the way she expected. River had to laugh at his clarification of "not in the biblical sense". Goodness knows their last team-up had been overpowered by the need for closure, the only kind that sheets tumbled in passion could provide.

"Ruin all my fun, why don't you?" she chuckled. It wasn't the same as last time she'd seen him. This time there were mere months separating them, not years of poorly healed scars.

"Fair enough. Buy me a drink and I'll share. And don't be cheap."

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She had to laugh at that, shaking her head with an amused smile. "You don't change, do you? Either oblivious or completely over the top." A fact she'd found in the past to be simultaneously adorable and frustrating.

"Well, good to know you were listening at least."

She nodded a thank you to the server when he poured their glasses. She took hers and gently swirled the contents. "So business must be good for you if you're able to splurge. Unless this is a drink-and-dash scenario, in which case I say don't threaten me with a good time."

She sipped at her wine, quiet for a moment. "Where would you like to start, sweetie?"

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Somewhere between amused and surprised, River raised an eyebrow. He really had set up the perfect opportunity to suggest she was wearing red, just not anywhere he could see at the moment. But she smiled into her glass and kept that tease to herself. Colors in her wardrobe had become quite sparse over the years, she realized. "I'll take it under advisement," she said, watching as he leaned back and looked around the restaurant. "But perhaps back to the case..."

River put down her glass, hand resting beside it on the table. "We really do have to stop meeting like this," she hummed and briefly tapped her nails on the table. "I've got a man claiming that a certain seƱorita was the last one to see his brother-in-law before he mysteriously disappeared. I came out to get a feel for the girl, see if there was anything suspicious about her. Did you catch the exchange back there?"

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A wry chuckle barely escaped her lips before she shook her head. "Oh, Doctor, why do they let you out?"

She hummed and paused to sip her wine.

"At one of the booths back there, Cecelia was part of a dead-drop," she said quietly, leaning over to him. "Slick and professional - put her wallet down and someone else, perhaps a business partner, I can't be sure, picked it up and left her an identical one. I went after her to see if she was paying or being paid, and then I found you. Or rather, I suppose you found me."

River leaned her elbow against the back of the booth and rest her head against her hand. "So - what do you think it could be?"
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She let out an amused scoff. Ever so cheeky, he was. Some things never changed. River continued to lean against the booth, watching him transition into a reflection of her posture. Though her eyes lingered briefly on his lips, she idly wondered how much of posture was a conscious decision on his part.

River rose her gaze to meet his, and she leaned her head forward expectantly. "Yes? And? What sort of transactions were they?"

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She knew that look of his - that excited, hot-on-the-trail of some idea look. Despite the well-decorated envelope, River wasted little time. She tore it open across the top and pulled out the invitation.

Her eyes skimmed it and she looked back to him. "A masquerade?" A smile curved her lips and her eyes brightened, a look on her face that he'd seen so many times before back when they were together (professionally and otherwise).

"Oh, do tell me we're going undercover."

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With a facade of seriousness, River held the invite in her hand as she leaned slightly towards him. "It'd be my honor, sweetie," she said. "But whatever are we going to wear?"

Two nights later they arrived, arm in arm. She'd apparently been truthful on taking his words under consideration - a long and slimly cut dress of dark red hung on her figure, accented with a sash and a to-die-for set of heels.

"Hang on, it's crooked," she said, pulling him off to the side for a moment to adjust his tie. His tie was no such thing, but it was a signal to him to go quietly go over their plan.

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"Point out what you like and I'll get you an early Christmas present," River teased. She contemplated lifting something off of his person just to show off. She'd gotten much better at lifts, though she certainly wasn't an expert. Maybe she could pick up a Christmas bonus for herself, too. It was a fun thought to entertain.

"Will do, sweetie," she said, patting his chest when she was done. Her eyebrows lifted in surprise when he caught her hand and bent down to place a kiss, brief but warm and familiar. It sent a familiar rush in her chest, and she couldn't help smiling.

"Should I call you Prince Charming the rest of the night? Bit conspicuous for an alias," she chuckled.

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"No thanks then, it's big enough already."

She smiled as he checked his cuff links one last time. It was a bit like watching a knight armor up for battle: only the man now known as The Doctor needed charm and cunning over brute force. She crossed her arms, palms of her hands each cupping an elbow. "I think 'schmooze' is what you're going for, love."

She'd missed this: the witty panter, his playful attitude. It was depressingly cliche to River how much being around him was a high, but she had no other way to describe it. Nothing that came close to the truth, at least.

"Hm, enough for me to canoodle later," she teased, putting a hand on his arm and giving him a gentle push. "Now go to work."

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It was a habit they shared, falling into the center of attention. River chose a bolder method, however. She feigned a trip and allowed one of the men of the family to catch her before she launched into a sad anecdote of her short-lived acting career, and how she'd only managed to be a body double for Giddy Semestre before her weak ankles got the better of her. Sympathetic sex kitten was an easy draw for attention. It also gave her plenty of opportunity to search lifted wallets for clues.

"I'm lucky I can still dance," she was telling one of the other members just as the doctor made his way to the family. She held back the urge to smile, seeing the thrill of being a party-guest bloom across his face. "But only if I've got a set of nice, strong arms to hold me."
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